In Recognition of Britain’s Late Monarch, by an American

My Thoughts on The Monarchy

Having always been interested in history – particularly medieval Europe – I find Kings and Queens, Knights and Princesses, royal wars and royal scandals to be quite fascinating. The grand pageantry, fine clothing, and old traditions have been around for many centuries, not having changed much in modern times. It’s that sense of permanence and stability that I admire most.

My country, the United States, is a young country and simply can’t compete with most others in terms of longevity. Our democratic system of government is so different from a monarchy; and, with a new president taking the reins every four to eight years, it’s always in a state of change. I don’t feel that same sense of constancy here that I’ve observed in monarchy-led nations. There’s no loyalty to one leader that stands the test of time.

To be honest, I’m a creature of habit and I like for things to stay the same. It makes me feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This is probably the reason why I’ve followed Britain’s Royal Family for the past 42 years. Since Charles and Diana’s engagement to now, I’ve watched it all. The weddings and the funerals, the scandals and the births – I’ve been a fan for a long time.

Which bring me to the point of this post: the shocking, sudden death of the most important person in the Royal Family – Her Majesty, The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II

Official portrait for the 1959 Canadian tour. Government of Canada / CC BY 2.0

She was a beautiful woman, wasn’t she? Both inside and out, whether young or old, she radiated kindness and goodwill.

The Queen’s devotion to her job and her kingdom, as well as her practical nature, are something other leaders should take notes on. I also like the Royal Family’s motto: “Never apologize, never complain.” Simply awesome.

I’ve watched almost all of Her Majesty’s Christmas speeches, and they were always heartfelt and reassuring. During difficult times, like the Covid pandemic, she would sometimes give a short speech addressing her nation. These speeches were always comforting to me, and to her people too, I’m sure. Although she didn’t make a lot of speeches, when she did, she displayed positivity and an “it will all be okay” attitude that I liked.

Personal Tribute

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, was a lovely monarch who ruled for an astounding 70 years. She will be remembered for her commitment to duty; to the Crown and to the Church of England. She loved the people of her Kingdom and set a great example of modesty and stability.

Her children, grandchildren, and great-children have my deepest sympathy upon the death of their mother and grandmother.

As a foreigner, I too, admired the Queen and will miss her. It feels like the end of an era. Although a new era is here with King Charles III, it won’t be the same. Nor would I expect it to be.

May The Queen and her beloved Prince Philip rest peacefully together in God’s loving arms forever.

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